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Superintendent's Message

Bond Improvements
Measure HSD Dollars Making a Difference     

In 2018 the voters in the Hawthorne School District approved Measure HSD, a bond for school improvements. In the last several months we have seen our schools benefit from the work we have been able to complete utilizing these bond dollars.

We have been able to replace our aging air conditioning units. Our schools have new flooring. Some schools are getting some much needed window replacements and paint throughout the school. We have upgraded our play areas for students. We are beginning to see some smaller improvements including new curtains on our stages across the district, and we will soon see new marquees at all of our sites.

We are proud of the work that goes on in our schools. It is important to be proud of our facilities also. We have staff who work hard to keep our schools in great condition, but it is important to complete the big jobs too. Measure HSD has allowed us to do that so our schools can look good on the outside and be wonderful environments for our students on the inside.

Thank you to the Hawthorne residents who made this work possible!

Superintendent Helen Morgan
Dr. Helen E. Morgan

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Board of Trustees