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District Advisory Council


  • The District’s Strategic Plan and Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) call for more intensive support to parents for student achievement and engagement through the District Advisory Council.
  • Meets compliance for Title I/State Compensatory Education (SCE) parent advisory council
  • Involves parents in the planning, development, and evaluation of Title I and SCE programs and services in the District
  • Serves as the District LCAP Committee


  • Learn about state and federal regulations
  • Discuss academic programs and services
  • Share effective practices from school sites
  • Strategize to increase parent involvement and engagement
  • Provide recommendations to district administrators and the Board of Education on the development of the LCAP
  • Review and approve the Consolidated Application federal funding sources


  • DAC/DELAC Joint Meetings – Agenda topics will focus on issues pertaining to both Title I, Federal Programs and LCAP
  • One representative from each school’s School Site Council (Parent) or parent leadership
  • District Administration: Director of Special Projects
  • Site Administration – Principal Representatives are invited