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Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee

Measure HSD (2018) Ballot Language

The following is the full proposition presented to the voters by the Hawthorne School District.

HAWTHORNE SCHOOL DISTRICT SCHOOL REPAIR/IMPROVEMENT MEASURE. To repair aging classrooms, ensure student health, safety and achievement and keep pace with technology, upgrade aging plumbing, electrical, lighting, heating/ventilation, safety/security systems, shall this Hawthorne School District measure be adopted to repair, construct, acquire classrooms, sites/equipment, and issue $59,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, levy on average 3 cents/$lOO assessed value ($3,000,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, require independent audits/oversight, and all money for local schools?"
The Board of Trustees ("Board") of the Hawthorne School District is committed to repairing old schools by fixing deteriorating classrooms, and ensuring the safety and security of all students. To that end, the Board received input from teachers, staff and the community and evaluated the District's urgent and critical facility needs, including the need for up-to-date technology, safety issues, class size reduction, computer and information technology, and prepared a Facilities Needs Assessment, dated as of January 2016, which Assessment is incorporated herein in its entirety, in developing the scope of projects to be funded. Therefore, in approving this Project List, the Board of Education determines that the District must:

(i) Provide clean and safe classrooms, and a quality learning environment for current and future local students; and
(ii) Upgrade classrooms and computer systems to keep pace with technology; and
(iii) Upgrade deteriorating heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems; and
(iv) Update accessibility for disabled persons; and
(v) Adhere to specific fiscal accountability safeguards such as:

(a) Ensure all funds are only used locally
(b) Prohibited the State from taking any of the funds raised,
(c) Require that expenditures must be subject to annual independent financial audits, AND
(d) Require independent citizens' oversight of bond funds.