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Family Outreach Teacher

Jezabel Salas
Family Outreach


Jezabel Salas



The Hawthorne School district recognizes the importance of family involvement for the success of students.  In order to facilitate this initiative, the Family Outreach position was implemented in 2014-2015.

Meet Jezabel Salas, Family Outreach Teacher for the Hawthorne School District.

Our main goal is to increase parent involvement in the Hawthorne School District.  We accomplish this by building capacity at school sites and meaningful parent engagement.  She spends her time working with all of our school sites to enhance our family involvement activities and create a family friendly environment.  She has been working with the counselors at each school site to plan and promote the Hawthorne Parent Academy (HPA).  HPA is a program designed to provide targeted seminars that support parents at key transitional points in their child’s educational experience.  The program is currently in full implementation at all elementary, middle schools, and Hawthorne Math and Science Academy.

Mrs. Salas also works with parents to build knowledge regarding the statewide assessments administered in California.  She provides parent workshops to keep parents inform and provide tips for preparing their child for the computer-based assessment.  She has also presented parents with information on the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and the link between physical fitness and academic success, and the ways parents can promote fitness at home.   

Mrs. Salas works with school sites to plan special family events to promote involvement in our schools and develop positive relationships with families, schools, and the entire community.

“A key component to a child’s success relies upon the positive involvement of parents in their lives and in their learning” (Joyce Epstein, 2009)