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In Memoriam 2012-2013

It is with great sadness that I compose my article this month. The Hawthorne School District has lost three very special members of its family this school year.  These three individuals spent many years serving the students and families of Hawthorne and will be greatly missed. 

Mr. Smythe began his career in 1997 teaching fifth grade at Washington School. After only a year at the elementary level, he found his home at the middle schools, where he taught both math and science. I know that he had a passion for teaching math and always made even the most difficult problems look easy to solve.symthe2

I remember teaching a math in-service once which Mr. Smythe attended. I felt a sense of accomplishment when he would acknowledge that what I was teaching was a new way of looking at algebra and could work well with kids.

I know that Mr. Smythe loved coming to work every day. He was truly dedicated to his students and this school district. Even when he was very sick, it was clear all he wanted to do was get back to work and teach math.

We sadly lost Mr. Smythe on November 24, 2012.

Mrs. Pereira had a long career in the Hawthorne School District most of which was at York School. She began in 1987 as a playground supervisor. She held that position for nearly two years before she became an instructional aide. She served as a special education aide, a special projects aide, and an English Learner aide at York for more than twenty years. In August of 2012, Mrs. Pereira transferred to Zela Davis School.

While I never had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Pereira, I worked closely with others who had and they all counted her as juliea very special person. I know that whenever I saw Julie she would always greet me with a warm and sincere smile and a bright greeting.

The number of lives Mrs. Pereira touched is too numerous to count. I know that those who were touched by her consider themselves fortunate to have known her.

We sadly lost Mrs. Pereira on February 18, 2013.

Mr. Pinto began his career in the Hawthorne School District as an instructional aide at Washington School in 1990. In 1997 he proudly became a teacher at the same site. He continued teaching second grade at Washington School until Kornblum School was completed in 2002, when he transferred there to teach third grade. He remained at Kornblum School for ten years. In 2012 the need for his bilingual skills took him to Ramona School to teach fifth grade in the Spanish Dual Immersion Program.

I got to know Mr. Pinto through various teacher trainings and school visitations. If anyone were to ask me anything about Mr.Luis2 Pinto, my response would be that he was truly a gentleman. He always made sure to greet me and take a minute to chat. He always had a quick smile and his rapport with students was special. I am sure many of his students were instilled with his gentlemanly qualities that will remain with them for years to come.

We sadly lost Mr. Pinto on March 17, 2013.

I know that these special individuals live on through the lives they touched, both students and peers, and will always be fondly remembered.

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