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What is PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is a student information system (SIS) that stores and processes  information such as grades, attendance, discipline, demographics, contact information and much more.

Why PowerSchool?

Several vendors were evaluated against an extensive list of needs criteria and system requirements.  PowerSchool is a system that is web-based, centralized, easy-to-use/learn, compatible with our existing systems, accessible to teachers, administrators, parents and students. 

What does PowerSchool do for teachers?

PowerSchool will streamline administrative tasks for teachers.  Teachers can enter grades once into the grade book and it will automatically update the system for administrators, parents, and students.  Student rosters will automatically appear in your grade book and will always be up to date.  Final grades will automatically be calculated based on assignments and weight scales teachers initially setup.  Furthermore, the entire school will benefit from "being on the same page" as information is updated in real-time on a centralized server.  The moment a teacher marks a student's attendance, it is updated with the office staff.  Teachers can access this information "anywhere & anytime" on any Internet connected computer.  Most importantly, this entire system provides an interface that is easy to use and help is just a click away.

What does PowerSchool do for parents?

PowerSchool will improve communication for parents about their child's progress.  The system will be a centralized location for parents to access their child's attendance, grades, assignments, etc.

What does PowerSchool do for students?

PowerSchool will improve access for students looking to view their attendance, contact information, grades, and assignments.

What does PowerSchool do for administrators?

PowerSchool will provide administrators access to a wealth of real-time information to make data-driven decisions. Information such as attendance, demographics, test scores, discipline will be easily accessible.

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