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Budget Summary and Files 2014-15

Expense all 08-23-16
The graph above depicts the total General Fund expenditures by category and percentage of total expense.

Expense Salaries 08-23-16
Over 81% of General Fund expenditures in 2014-15 were on staffing (Certificated and Classified Salaries and Benefits).

2014-15 General Fund Review

Hawthorne School District General Fund income received in 2014-15 was $76.6 million, with $61.9 million from LCFF Sources.  Total General Fund expenditures for the year were $80.3 million, with $64.8 million spent on employee salaries and benefits.  Overall, the decrease in fund balance was $3.6 million with an ending Unrestricted Fund Balance of $8.5 million.  The district was able to meet the required 3% reserve for economic uncertainty of $2.4 million.

Financial Documents