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Google for Education

The Power of Collaboration

How to Navigate Google Drive
Google Drive Overview (8:30) | Introduction to Google Drive, Trash, and Search

Google Drive Sharing (3:10) | Learn how to share a document and the different user access rights


Google Docs (9:42) | Google Docs introduction, create, toolbar, and share

Sharing the Link of a Shared Document (5:17) | Learn how to share a document using a link

How to use File > Make a Copy (2:01) | How to save and share a template; make your own copy of another Google user's template

Google Drive Comments (2:34) | Learn how to leave comments on a shared document

Revision History (2:40) | Go back in time... and see revision instances of a document.  Who edited what and when?

Create a Google Form (10:51) | Learn  how to create a Form.  In this video you will also learn how to create a Turn In Form

Choose a Response Destination | starts at minute 7:50

Accessing Student Submissions | starts at minute 8:35; Learn Google Spreadsheets and its features

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