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Overview of Volunteering in HSD

Volunteering as a parent or caretaker in the Hawthorne School District is a rewarding and meaningful way to get involved in your child's education and the community.

By volunteering, you have the opportunity to support teachers, staff, and students, and make a positive impact on the schools in the district.

There are many ways to get involved, including helping out in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, assisting with events and fundraisers, and more. Not only will you be able to contribute to the success of the district's schools, but you'll also have the chance to connect with other parents and build relationships within the community.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

Parents assist students in the creation of art projects in a school cafeteria.

There are many different ways to make an impact as a volunteer in our schools.

Each school site has varying needs, so be sure to check with your designated site to learn more. Some potential volunteer opportunities may include:

  • Classroom and school assistance
    Helping teachers and school staff with classroom activities, preparing materials, updating bulletin boards, Spanish oral language fluency lessons, and student reward activities.

  • Supervision and safety
    Helping with morning valet, acting as a crossing guard, supervising the playground, and supporting recess sports tournaments.

  • Reading mentor
    Working with individual students or small groups to improve reading skills.

  • Tutoring
    Providing one-on-one or small group academic support to students.

  • Library assistance
    Helping to check out books, shelve materials, and organize the library.

  • Art or music support
    Helping with art as an art docent, supporting music projects and performances, and prepping for teachers.

  • Gardening and outdoor maintenance
    Helping to maintain the school's grounds and gardens.

  • Event support
    Assisting with school events such as book fairs, selling school spirit wear, and fundraisers from planning to post-event clean up.

  • Chaperoning field trips
    Accompanying students on educational outings and providing supervision.

How to Become a Volunteer